Simply Lighter

NatureCast Concrete is only 10 lbs per square foot at 1.5 inches thick and 11.5 lbs per square foot at 2 inches thick (solid concrete is 25 lbs per square foot at 2 inches thick). This allows for most counters to be installed with fewer seams and in some cases, zero seams. Also, there is no need for additional structural support in the cabinetry. This lightweight technique also allows for creative and distinctive design ideas to be realized in integral sinks, fireplace surrounds and more.


Simply Smarter

Because environmental impact is a growing concern in our society today, we continue to exercise due diligence in the procurement of our raw materials and in our construction practices. Eighty five percent of the raw materials used in NatureCast Concrete is manufactured in Oregon, 10% of the raw material is a post industrial waste product, leaving only 5% of the raw materials sourced out of state. Local production of NatureCast Concrete reduces transportation costs and fuel, and because it is custom-made to fit, we eliminate the waste inherent in other solid surface goods. NatureCast Concrete promotes a healthy indoor environment with no volatile organic-based preservatives and no radon emission.



Simply Stronger

With the exception of our reinforcing techniques and a few additives used for curing and workability, NatureCast Concrete is made up of sand, water and cement. These are the same primary ingredients that have been used for centuries to make concrete structures; some of which are still around and in use after 2000 years. By applying the most advanced technologies in reinforcement, curing and construction design, NatureCast Concrete has tensile strengths two times that of solid concrete, bending strength four times that of solid concrete and reaches compression strengths up to 11000 PSI. NatureCast Concrete also has 40% better water absorbing ratios than that of traditional concrete and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. This strength allows for unsupported overhangs on counters, hearths, mantles, etc. of up to 16 inches.